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our story and our mission: To help people lead healthy, happy and productive lives.   (We are proof it can be done!)
Welcome to our website, we're glad you're here. We invite you to explore and learn how you can unlock your potential for health, happiness and fulfillment. With the correct guidance and a strong commitment, you will realize dreams you never thought possible and you will easily conquer obstacles that try to get in your way.    

At very young ages, we were both given a precious gift. Our eyes were opened to the awesome power of health and wellness. As twin brothers, we encouraged and challenged each other to embrace lives focused on nutrition, exercise, health and wellness. As we learned, these are the foundations and the principles from which to build rewarding professional and personal lives. It's what inspired us to become doctors of chiropractic and it's what motivates us in all aspects of our lives. For nearly 35 years, that precious gift has blessed us with internal happiness and satisfaction.       
We want to share our knowledge and our vast experience with all who want to live similar lives. 

We are confident we can help you discover the hidden health and happiness within you. All it takes is a willingness to learn, an ability to listen and a commitment to make changes. It's easier than you think!