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We started Baker Chiropractic and Wellness over 18 years ago with a clear vision and a specific mission: To help people lead healthy, happy and productive lives.  Nearly two decades later, that vision has been realized and the mission firmly guides our team of doctors and staff on a daily basis.

We, along with our two associate physicians Dr. Matt Finke and Dr. Ryan Berlin, are driven to provide people with safe, effective and high quality care for a wide variety of health issues including all types of pain, injuries, ailments, disorders and diseases. We do this without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic physicians receive specialized education and training on the central nervous system and how the brain, spine and central nervous system controls all areas and organs of the body. When the central nervous system is functioning at optimal levels, a human body has an uncanny ability to reverse current health problems and prevent future problems from forming. At Baker Chiropractic, we optimize the central nervous system through precise chiropractic adjustments which allow the body's powerful systems to function properly.

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