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Special Price of $19.99
Our books are focused on providing you the education and the inspiration to live a life of health and happiness. Two very important cornerstones from which to build that life of health and happiness are professional chiropractic care and proper nutrition.

Our first book, The World's Best Kept Health Secret Revealed written with other leading doctors of chiropractic, explains how chiropractic care is so effective and why it works. Your body is more powerful than you can imagine. You simply need to keep it optimized and free from interference.  

Our second book is titled What Did I Just Eat? Surprising Facts About Food. It's filled with great information about food that most people don't know about. Learn what foods contain the nutrients your body needs to survive and how your body reacts when you give it high nutrient foods. Good eating habits are not about counting calories.

Our latest book is titled Enlightening, Adjusting and Savings Lives.  This book is a compilation of stories from our patients from the last 20 years written in their words. Each chapter contains a story of how our chiropractic care restored hope and provided solutions for a wide variety of health conditions. 

You can order these books here on our website. We are confident you will find them very enlightening and extremely  valuable to your future health and happiness.
Special Price of $17.95
Special Price of $19.99