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Fast Food 30 Challenge
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Fast Food 30 Challenge Winner, Chris Mear
Fast Food 30 Challenge Winner, Andrew Hay
Video from Dr. Paul's and Dr. Patrick's lunch with Fast Food 30 Challenge winner, Chris Mear
Is your school, business or organization up for a Fast Food 30 Challenge?
Here's how it works:
Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick challenge the students of your school, employees of your company or members of your organization, along with their families, to stay away from all types of fast food for a period of 30 days. After those 30 days, they tell us about their and their family's experience abstaining from fast food by writing a short essay (2-4 pages). The essays are judged and the winner receives $100!

It's a fun contest and everyone wins better health!

Get started on your Fast Food 30 Challenge by contacting us today for further details.                   

Here are excerpts from a few of our past Fast Food 30 Challenge participants' essays:
"I learned I really do not want to eat fast food as much as before. Fast Food was easy and seemed simple, but my family has found that we are healthier and happier without it. I enjoyed this challenge and would challenge others. It became easier as it went on." - Maddie A.

"In the beginning, it was hard. I got on my mom's nerves about wanting to stop and not do this challenge! Mom made me do it for the simple fact it's healthy to get off fast food and eat regular food at home." - Andrew H.

"After taking the challenge, it made it easier not to want fast food. I have been more active and have more energy to do some tricks on my bike. This challenge is something I think every family should try. It's been hard because of our schedule, but its been fun." - Chris M.

"During the course of the 30 days, I had to fight many urges to eat food that I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat. But I realized after about one and a half weeks, you don’t feel like you have a need for them. When I completed the Challenge, I felt it was an accomplishment for me that I managed to succeed.”  - Michael N.
Fast Food 30 Challenge Winner, Michael Nichols
Talawanda High School
Three Rivers Middle School
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