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January 13, 2012

Doctors Paul and Patrick Launch Series on Kids' Health
Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker are launching a series of educational materials titled:

Focus on Kids’ Health

The program is designed to focus attention on the need to improve the overall health of children in the greater Cincinnati community and provide information on safe and effective solutions for common childhood health conditions.

“There is at present time an ominous trend in America towards deteriorating health  in children and young adults… a trend that is well substantiated by scientific statistical reports.” - Dr. Harold Buttram, MD

Topics and educational materials to be covered over the 10 part series over the next several weeks include:

1. Ear Infections and Ear Tubes

2. Immunizations - Should Kids' Be Vaccinated?

3. Colds, Flu, Infections and Fever

4. Toxicity and Childhood Cancer

5. Diabetes and Obesity


7. Allergies and Asthma

8. Autism

9. A Child's Immune System

10. Fast Food, Diet and Exercise

Teaching children the importance of  health and wellness and integrating proper diet and exercise habits into their lives are priceless gifts that will benefit them in many ways throughout their entire lives.

Watch for weekly postings on facebook, tweets and eblasts covering the above listed topics.

For more information on kids’ health, please send Doctors Paul and Patrick a Website Message.

                  Kids' Ear Infections
          Should Kids Be Vaccinated?
          Colds, Flu, Infections and SoreThroats
          Toxicity and Cancer
          Allergies and Asthma