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Sometimes life just gets away from you  and before you know it, years or even decades have passed where you were living life in a haze, always trying to catch up and wishing you could take control. 

Because of this, your health, mental attitude and energy levels diminished considerably. Weight gain, health conditions, reliance on prescription medications, loss of confidence,  poor self esteem and inability to motivate yourself have taken over your life.

You know you need to do something but the road to recovery seems too hard and unattainable. You need help, you need a LifeCall.   

A LifeCall is a comprehensive program personally designed and conducted by Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker that will change your unhealthy and unfulfilling lifestyle into a life of health, wellness and most of all..... happiness!
               program: A LifeCall addresses 7 Key Elements of a person's life:
1. Diet and Nutritional Habits
2. Attitude and State of Mind
3. Body Weight
4. Health Conditions
5. Exercise Habits
6. Living Environment and Exposure to Toxins
7. Self Esteem and Confidence
                           program details:  A LifeCall is about changing major elements of your life. Therefore, the LifeCall program must immerse itself into your current lifestyle to understand where you've been, where you are now and where you want to be. A LifeCall follows these steps:
Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick will conduct a telephone conversation with you to discuss your commitment to a LifeCall program. During the call, they will schedule a visit to your home.

During the initial meeting at your home, Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick will have an in depth interview with you covering all aspects of the LifeCall program, team members and timelines.

A visitation will be scheduled at either Dr. Paul's or Dr. Patrick's clinic for a full examination and evaluation along with a consultation from a medical doctor.  The doctors will develop a personal health care plan to address health conditions. Follow-up visits to Dr. Paul's or Dr. Patrick's clinic will be conducted throughout the term of your LifeCall program.

Our nutrition expert and personal trainer will visit you at your home to review your diet and nutritional habits as well as your exercise routines. All items in your kitchen, pantry and refrigerator will be reviewed. Your weekly eating habits will be discussed covering what foods you commonly consume and at what times of day you eat. Tests and measurements will also be conducted at this session. The nutrition expert and personal trainer will schedule a follow-up visit to discuss the results of your intial consultation and testing. They will also present a personalized nutrition and exercise program with defined plans and schedules including weight loss goals. The nutrition expert will schedule a time to take you shopping at your grocery store to show you how to shop and what foods to buy. The personal trainer will provide you with your training schedule.

Our professional chef will visit you at your home and conduct a "hands-on" training class on how to prepare healthy foods that taste great.    
                        team of professionals: When you enter your LifeCall program, you're getting a team of professionals dedicated to changing your life. The LifeCall team of professionals will work together to design and develop a customized program that fits your needs and deliver the results your looking to achieve. The LifeCall team is made up of the following members:
Dr. Paul Baker

Dr. Patrick Baker


Personal Trainer

Professional Chef
                               program fees: The following lists the LifeCall programs and related fees:
6-Month LifeCall Programs
Individual Life Call Program Fee is $9,750 billed in monthly installments of $1,625. Deposit of $1,500 due at start of program and credited to last installment. 

Family Life Call Program Fee is $14,250 billed in monthly installments of $2,375. Deposit of $2,375 due at start of program and credited to last installment.
12-Month LifeCall Programs
Individual Life Call Program Fee is $19,500 billed in monthly installments of $1,625. Deposit of $1,500 due at start of program and credited to last installment. 

Family Life Call Program Fee is $28,500 billed in monthly installments of $2,375. Deposit of $2,375 due at start of program and credited to last installment.

* A complete list of costs will be be outlined in the LifeCall agreement. 
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"In the last 6 months, I learned from Jason, Dr. Baker, Gayle and Debbie about nutrition, exercise physiology and juicing. I also learned about proper all natural vegetarian nutritional supplements, the benefits of eating natural “organic” foods and regular chiropractic care. Simply put TOTAL WELLNESS.

I believe my success was simple, I have listened to my wonderful teachers, followed their plan and worked very hard. Hard work for 6 months has paid off in removing all of my aches and pains, reducing my weight, increasing my endurance and strength.
I am just a regular guy that loved to eat the WRONG foods who has learned to enjoy gourmet foods I love and enjoy my 1 hour of THE RIGHT exercise, DONE CORRECTLY. There is NO WAY, I would have the knowledge, ability or DRIVE to do this on my own, even as a former college athlete with a double major in Physical Education and Zoology, my knowledge base was limited compared to the staff.

My best testament to the results... I just came back from vacation where I enjoyed, golf, water skiing, knee boarding, boating and playing on my Seadoo. I can go on 3 mile walks with my wife and my dog and enjoy every minute. Even everyday life, working in the yard, carrying groceries is all accomplished without one ounce of pain. Thanks to my Baker partners, I plan to be enjoying the next 50 years of my life pain free!" - F. Albrecht
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