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1 - Minute Wellness Videos
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The best way to save big money on health care is to not get sick and stay free from disease. This is called "Wellness" and it's easier than you think.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick share their 35 years of experience and education living lives of health and wellness in these short 1-minute video segments.

We will be adding a new segment each week. Check back often!
Week 1 - Reverse Heart Disease
What Did I Just Eat,  Surprising Facts About Food
1 - Minute Wellness
Doctors Paul and Patrick
One Minute of Life Wellness Advice

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Week 2 - Animal Products
Week 3 - Arachidonic Acid
Week 4 - Chicken and Beef
Week 5 - The China Project
Week 6 - Sugar Content in Coke
Week 7 - Artificial Sweeteners

Week 8 - Kids' Ear Infections
Week 9 - Breast Cancer
Week 10 - Diet Soda Pop

Week 11 - ADD & ADHD

Week 12 - Dr. Paul's Super Food Shake
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