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the real life story of Fred Albrecht. You can do this too!
My success was simple, I listened to my wonderful teachers, followed their plan and worked very hard. Hard work for 6 months has paid off in removing all of my aches and pains, reducing my weight, increasing my endurance and strength. I am just a regular guy that loved to eat the wrong foods who has learned to enjoy foods I love and my one hour of the right exercises, done correctly. I can go on 3 mile walks with my wife and my dog. Everyday life is all accomplished without one ounce of pain. Thanks to Dr. Baker, I plan to be enjoying the next 50 years of my life!   Read Fred's Full Story
the real life story of Gloria McGurrin. You can do this too!
Last year, nearing the age of 70 I had three choices: 1. Have a back operation, 2. Use a cane and wheelchair or 3. Live my life on pain pills. Being an active grandmother of four this wasn’t on my agenda. Medical doctors told me there were discs pinching my nerves that were causing sciatica pain to travel down my left leg into my foot. Excruciating  migraine headaches also caused more pain creating the need for pain pills. I decided to try one more thing desperately hoping it would work.   Read Gloria's Full Story
the real life story of Judy F. You can do this too!
Dr. Paul,  You have known me for four years since I have been coming to Baker Chiropractic for a variety of medical problems.  I am writing to share a very embarrassing, debilitating and life changing disease that I was diagnosed with in December, 2009.

You have helped me with so many things that I never even thought to ask you if you and chiropractic adjustments could help me with this disease.  In October, 2010, when I truly felt at my lowest as my body was filled with pain, I asked you if you could help me with all the excruciating pain I was having. Read Judy's Full Story